Ferro Protocol

Ferro Protocol

Stableswap venue that doesn't cost a fortune

Introducing Ferro Protocol

As blockchain technology comes under the spotlight over the past few years, there has been tremendous growth in the DeFi space with the boom of decentralized exchanges revolutionalizing the way we trade and how prices are determined. The demand for stablecoins, cryptocurrencies that are pegged to fiat currencies, is also on the rise.
You might have tried trading on one of these DEXes and wondered "Aren't stablecoins supposed to have stable value? Why is the value much lower after swapping?" We feel the same.
As a group of faithful DeFi enthusiasts, we are delighted to see a vibrant market but also understand the need to build products that overcome existing challenges and fit our needs. Therefore, we came together and set up Ferro - a StableSwap AMM protocol with deep liquidity that aims to provide safe and efficient tradings of pegged assets, with the spirit to solidify Cronos ecosystem.
Ferro's stable curve pool offers a wide array of utility, allows better composability between protocols in Cronos, creates a more effective way to access stablecoins and other highly correlated assets with lower fees, lower slippages, lower impermanent loss, and more utilization of pools.
Money market protocols can list their interest-bearing token in Ferro, while any lower liquidity stablecoins bridged from other chains can leverage the Meta Pool set up to bootstrap the liquidity.

Key Features of Ferro Protocol

  • Ferro Swap
    • Swap supported tokens with low slippage and fees
  • Liquidity Pools
    • Supply liquidity in exchange for Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens and earn transaction fees proportionate to your contribution
Interested in using Ferro? Read on to find out more about our functionalities and how to get yourself started.
Last modified 1yr ago