Ferro Protocol

Our Partners

Veno Finance

We have partnered with Veno Finance to launch the LCRO-CRO pool on our protocol.
Veno Finance is the latest liquid staking protocol where you can stake your CRO and receive the yield-bearing receipt token LCRO that accrues the CRO staking yield value and compound automatically.
When you unstake your CRO on Veno, it will undergo a 28-day unbonding period. As unstakes are processed a 4-day batches, the total unstaking time might go up to 32 days.
With the LCRO-CRO pool on our protocol, you can now swap your LCRO to CRO immediately at low slippage and fees. You can also provide liquidity to the pool to earn swap fees.
Visit the pool and add your liquidity now: https://ferroprotocol.com/#/pools/lcro/deposit

Deposit your LP tokens at Veno Finance to earn $VNO!

Starting from Mar 2, 2023, if you’re a LCRO-CRO pool LP token holder, you can deposit your LP tokens at Veno Garden - the latest addition to Veno Finance that allows you to enjoy high APY of $VNO rewards and more features offered by Veno Finance!
We will carry on with the $FER emission of our LCRO-CRO pool. As liquidity providers of the LCRO-CRO pool, you will continue to earn both swap fees and $FER incentives from this pool. You are also free to choose where to deposit your LP tokens, and how to allocate the LP tokens between the two protocols.