Pool Boost Calculator

Pool Boost Calculator allows you to simulate our Pool Boost feature intuitively to find out

  • How much more xFER you should stake

  • How many Cronos Cruisers NFT by rarity you should stake

  • How much more liquidity you should add and stake into a pool

In order to obtain a higher Boost Multiplier that gives you higher Pool Rewards APR!

Below is a step-by-step guide.

Step 1. Go to “Pools” and click on “Pool Boost Calculator”. [insert link]

Step 2. xFER staking simulation

  1. Adjust the multiplier slider to see the xFER amount required.

  2. Select one vault to see the impact on the xFER amount required.

  3. xFER amount required to achieve the desired multiplier will be shown automatically

  4. You can receive up to 2.5x Boost Multiplier from xFER staking

Step 3. NFT staking simulation (Optional)

  1. Click on the “Stake Cronos Cruisers NFT” bar to expand this section

  2. Adjust the number of NFT by clicking on the “+” “-” icon

  3. You can only stake up to 10 NFTs

  4. You can receive up to 0.5x Boost Multiplier from NFT staking

Step 4. Additional deposit into liquidity pools (Optional)

Input the amount of additional liquidity you want to deposit into the pools.

Step 5. Impact on your Pool APR.

As you interact with our Boost Calculator, you can see the APR impact and FER rewards updated automatically under each pool.

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