Pool Boost

Pool Boost is a new feature that allows you to stake xFER and NFTs to boost the APR of liquidity pools! With this feature, you can increase the value of your staked LP and earn a higher share of the pool emissions.

Introducing Pool Boost

There are two key terms that you need to know: Boost Multiplier and Boost Power.

  • xFER with higher amount and longer locking period = higher Boost Multiplier

  • More NFTs staked and NFTs with higher rarity = higher Boost Multiplier

Boost Multiplier is the mechanism used to increase the value of your staked LP in this Pool Boost feature. It multiplies the value of your staked LP such that you can earn a higher share of the pool emissions while holding the same amount of LP.

Example: Let’s say you have staked $500 worth of LP in the 2FER pool. By staking xFER and NFTs, you’ve earned 2x Boost Multiplier. This means that your staked LP will be multiplied by 2, making it worth $1000 in the Pool Boost mechanism. As a result, you will be able to earn a higher share of the pool emissions while holding the same amount of LP.

Boost Multiplier depends on the following:

1. The amount and locking period of the staked xFER

  • Higher amounts and longer locking periods of xFER will give a higher Boost Multiplier

2. The number and rarity of the staked NFTs

  • More staked NFTs with higher rarity with result in a higher Boost Multiplier

  • You can stake up to 10 NFTs for this Pool Boost feature

The total Boost Multiplier that you can enjoy will be up to 3x.

Below are the multipliers conversion for your reference:

xFER Vaults Multipliers

Cronos Cruisers NFT Multipliers

NFT Staking Partner: Cronos Cruisers

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Cronos Cruisers for the NFT staking component of our Pool Boost feature!

Cronos Cruisers is a collection of 8,000 algorithmically-generated NFTs, racing through the winter along the Cronos Ring to be the ultimate Cronos Cruiser. With more than 200 traits, including expressions, outfits, accessories and more... every Cronos Cruiser is unique. Each Cronos Cruiser will open portals to limitless possibilities, such as numerous holders-only benefits, events, and doubles as an early access token on Cronos. The sky is the limit.

By staking your Cronos Cruisers NFTs, you can obtain Boost Multiplier, which will increase the APR of your liquidity pools. If you don’t have a Cronos Cruisers NFT yet, head over to NFT marketplace Minted and purchase one today to start enjoying higher rewards on your liquidity pools!

How is Pool Boost calculated?

1. xFER and NFTs staked will give you Boost Multipliers

xFER Vaults Multipliers

  • It depends on the amount of xFER staked and the locking period of the selected vault

  • Maximum xFER Vault Multiplier = 2.5x (250%)

  • Below is a conversion table for reference:

Cronos Cruisers NFT Multipliers

  • Below is a conversion table for reference:

  • It depends on the number and rarity of NFTs staked

Final Boost Multiplier

Final Boost Multiplier = xFER Vault Multiplier * (1 + NFT Multiplier)

  • Maximum Final Boost Multiplier = 3x (300%)

2. Boost Multiplier will be used to calculate the Boost APR of your selected pool

Boosted LP = Final Boost Multiplier * Your current LP

Boost APR = ($FER emissions to the Boosted LP * $FER token price * 40%) * Your share of the Boosted LP / Current LP

3. The new APR of the pool you have boosted will consist of Base APR and Boost APR

New Pool APR = Base APR + Boost APR

  • Base APR represents the APR you get if you have only staked your LP tokens without applying any Pool Boost

  • Boost APR comes from the xFER and NFT you’ve staked to obtain Boost Power

Example of the Pool Boost calculation

How to use Pool Boost?

If you want to learn how to use the Pool Boost feature, visit here for our step-by-step instructions.

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