Ferro Protocol


Wallet Connection

What is the best wallet for Ferro Protocol?
How do I connect my wallet to Cronos and Ferro Protocol?

Swap Tokens

What is the transaction fee of Swap?
Why is my transaction failing?

Liquidity Pools

How can I deposit my LP tokens?
When adding liquidity, must I provide liquidity for all tokens in a given pool? e.g. Can I simply provide DAI to the 3FER pool consisting of USDC-USDT-DAI?
Why am I not getting the total amount of $FER rewards from my staked LP token?
What happens if I don’t click “Harvest” for my $FER rewards?

New Liquidity Pool - 2FER Pool

What will happen if I swap between USDC and USDT?
What is the distribution of $FER emissions between the 2FER and 3FER pool?
Why are we launching a new pool with USDC/USDT when these are already included in the existing 3FER pool?


Are my $xFER tokens locked into a separate vault every time I harvest $FER from my staked LP tokens?
If I upgrade my $xFER vault setting to a longer period, will the new locking period begin from the day of change, or will the locking period passed be deducted from the new locking period?

Direct Harvest

Where can I find this direct harvest feature?
For the $FER rewards generated from staked LP in a Pool, will I be able to direct harvest only the 60% of $FER to go straight into vault instead of my wallet, or will I be able to adjust the locking period of the 40% in one go as well?
Under the “Rewards” page, if I want to “Harvest All” $FER rewards generated from multiple pools that I’ve participated in, do I get to select the harvest options separately for the individual pools?


What is the maximum supply of $FER?
What are the differences in rewards between LP Tokens, $FER, and $xFER?

Protocol Roadmap

Where can I find the Protocol Roadmap?
When are Governance and Voting coming?


What are the different approval requests that I will encounter on the protocol?
How is APR calculated for Pools?

I can't find an answer to my question. Where do I find an answer?

Consult our troubleshooting guide first. If the issue still persists or there are no resolution steps in the troubleshooting guide, drop us a message on Discord or Telegram.